Sinroja R7

The Sinroja R7 was a very fun project to work on. The client we had was very creative and was great fun sharing ideas. We wanted practical bike for him that was comfortable and very rideable and reliable. Something that performs great and looks great too whilst getting around streets of London. 


We met customer at bikeshed last year when he absolutely loved our R3 and the striking lines it carried. He however wanted a comfortable 2 seater brat than a cafe style bike which mean upright bars and more comfortable riding position. 


We found a suitable donor from out stock and got cracking. As with all our engine builds we completely stripped the bike including the engine and started ground up rebuild. No expense spared. No matter what people say, a engine rebuild on these old airheads makes a huge difference on the performance and off course reliability for our customers is important too. We completely stripped the engine and rebuild it with new bearing, gaskets, rings, tubes etc. Completely rejetted and rebuild the carbs and gearbox alongside the bevel and that meant all mechanicals perform as good as if not better than factory. We can feel the difference now when we ride the bike and listen to that exhaust roar. 


For the frame we chose the same lines as the R3 as customer wanted when we redesigned the back end and added the curved braces to support the seat that matches the lines of the tyre. We also changed the original levers with Brembo high performance levers and foot controls with afterwork rear sets to clean up the bike really nicely.


We wanted the bike to be simple and clean (less if more) which mean picking the best electronics out there Motogadget. We cleaned up the handlebars with indicators, mirrors, switches, and domino throttle. The top yoke from BMW is a joke so we called up friends over at Fastec Engineering who CNC’d a bespoke top yoke out of billet aluminium that holds the motogadget tacho. Speedo is inbuilt into it. 


We don’t like the standard headlight brackets so we made some clean simple mounts that holds the 7 inch classic reno headlight with a halo ring just like the BMW cars’ angel eyes. 


The seat flows the lines of the frame and is covered in leather from the most exquisite line line up of Bentley, the Mulsane. Our upholster works with some high end cars and when i wanted this special matt finish black leather with a hint of grey, he said he had a left over piece of leather from a work he did on bentley and it worked perfectly. 


The rear end cleaned up superbly with motogadget pin indicators inside the tube making a perfect ring (just like angel eyes again in the front) when used coupled with 4 lead daytime running light/brake lights set inside beautifully machined cases. 


The colour scheme is really special and yet subtle. The engine is our signature satin black with polished fins. The matt is matched up with the same satin black, wheels got the same black but with little extra detail where the lines on the classic bmw wheels have been traced in gloss black. Something that doesn’t pop but you know it’s there and subtle. 


The tank is beautifully painted by our friends over at Black Shuck Kustom who painted it in beautiful storm grey with hint of blue nano flakes which shines beautifully under the street lights. The paint is all matt highlighted with gloss lines carried all the way into the headlight. The colour is so cool and almost pearlescent where in dark it’s back and storm grey/blue in the daylight. Petrol cap is our bespoke aluminium machined logo that braces every BMW we build. Just a subtle reminder about who built the bike. 


As always again all the original electronics were chucked away and Towza Tronics was brought in to design and build a bespoke wiring loom to discreetly fit the bike. 


To finish off we fully redesigned the rear end to accommodate a fatter rear tyre 140 comfortable which isn’t possible due to BMW's shaft drive design unless you offset the wheel massively. Also changed the rear wheel to 17 inch wheel from BMW K series which was machined to fit the customised bevel. It all came together nicely and to top it off we managed to do a disc brake conversion like never seen before to give good stopping power 

Photo Credits: Simon Krajnyak, Tom Horna, Ivo Ivanov, Phil James, Wil Collins, Andy Jones, Riccardo Cruciani, Chris Frozin

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