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Bespoke Custom Build

The main interest of our business is in building bespoke custom motorcycles. We design and build bikes from scratch.


Depending on your requirements it could just be a facelight or a full blown, stripped to the bone custom build. Whatever your needs we will cater for it. 


Bolt-On Parts

We are developing a range of bolt-on parts for you bikes. From seats and subframes to performance kits. 


Our shop will soon get updated with these. Meanwhile drop us a line if for anything you need and we will help you out.


Bespoke Paint and Powdercoating

We have partnered with range of experts to provide a great and affordable paint service. We provide a full tank strip-down, seal and paint service. Plus any other spray painting requirements; just like on our bikes.


We also provide great quality and affordable Powder Coating Service with 3 day turn around time.


Mechanical Re-Build

We specialise in engine services and BMW's are our speciality.  With a lot of experience in building engines, we provide a full engine, gearbox, clutch, bevel and carb re-build service. Your engine will be restored to zero hour specification just as it was rolled from the factory. 

You can choose from range of options in our Shop.


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