Sinroja R5

Sinroja R5 is  one of our first projects we explored from BMW. We’ve had this CB500 as a mix and match of whole lot of parts. So we pushed it and used it to our advantage. 


The whole bike is made of mixture of parts. 


Frame - CB550 modified rear end. My OCD didn’t like a slight curved profile of the rear loop as I wanted a clean simple/straight line carried from the tank till the tail, so we chopped the whole back end and its mount leaving just the main loop from original frame. Fabricated the whole back end with new passenger foot rest mounts as originals are hideous. 


Engine - As with all our bikes, we completely overhaul the engines and like to add a bit of oomph. Original block is CB500 fully rebuilt off course but again with a mix of bits and bobs as we didn’t have the original motor. 


We got some high compression big bore pistons from the pond. We went from 56mm to 61mm pistons with compression taking a leap from 9.0 - 11.5 adding a hell lot of umph. We also didn’t have the original heads which means we had a chance to beef that up too means we used head of an old honda cb650 with custom made high lift cam working new valves. 


To fuel this we beefed up the intake by getting a set of 650z carbs re-jetted to work nicely with the beefed up motor with air flowing through K&N high flow pod filters. Having an in house engine developments means we can really have fun playing with the engines. 


We haven’t had a chance to dyno the engine yet but we hope to have added 20 dd horses to the old honda specially when we plug in our special Pulse Jet Ignitions.


This also meant we need a whole nw exhaust system so we got some custom made CNC bent down pipe to work with cone engineering shorty muffler which roars amazingly. 


The design idea of the build was again to create a simple clean bike with nice touches and an engines that not only performs but sings a lovely note.


Once the fabrication was finished we got the frame painted by GD Design in special high gloss black with 24 karat gold nano flakes which just gives that extra glow under light. The tank got the same overhaul, we took off the crappy honda stick on badge, smoothed the tank out and hand laid  24 karat gold leaf classic honda wing. The gloss black paint on tank again had the hint of gold 24 karat gold powder finished with our emblem laid in gold lead on the fuel cap lid.


All the electronics were binned too as always and replaced with brand new wiring by Towza at Towzatronics with all high end toys from motogadget including bar end indicators, mirrors, speedo, m-unit, m-switches and keyless ignition with rear indicators from rizoma which double up as tail and brake light and a classic 7 inch Reno headlight.


For the clean look the dash was crowed with motogadget motoscope tiny sat inside custom made top yoke by Fastec Engineering along with some custom made clip ons by fastec too. Some aftermarkets levers, motogadget m-grips and domino throttle completed the handlebars.


To complete the old school look the classic TT (firestone replicas) were sourced as it add to the bike’s look very well fitted on top of classic flanged Akront aluminium rims laced with stainless spokes and cleaned up hubs. 


To add a bit of stopping power we added the second disc in the front and put some new shoes in the rear hub. Every single part of the bike was completely overhauled like callipers, brakes, forks etc. The seat was covered in plush bentley leather (off cut our local specialist had from a bentley mulsane he worked on) diamond stitched in front with contoured perforated patch in the back to avoid seat looking too long. We wanted the bike to be comfortable for two people to ride on and thought to avoid usual 3/4 seat. 


The bike is now ready for customer to ride away which means it’s looking for new home now. 

Photo Credits: Simon Krajnyak, Tom Horna, Ivo Ivanov, Phil James, Wil Collins, Andy Jones, Riccardo Cruciani, Chris Frozin

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