Sinroja R4

Sinroja R4 started as just a simple refresh. Clean up the "shed build" customer did and finish off a bit nicely.

The R4 was a bike customer wanted to use every on the sunny coast in south Italy. He contacted us requesting a full mechanical overhaul as a must and then we clean the bike up to make it stand out but at the same time carry a pillion comfortably, carry luggage for longer ride (he's lucky to be exposed to ton of sunlight compared to us in UK). That's exactly what we gave him, a comfortable long seat covered in leather off a Bentley Mulsanne, removable mudguards, we shifted the speedo on crash bars to make space for navigator to be mounted on handlebars. Long travel shocks meant comfortable ride with off road capabilities use the dual sport Heidenaus. 

As with all our bikes, they all get proper Sinroja treatment which means full engine, gearbox, carbs rebuild. We provide full BMW specialist services for customers and friends in the custom industry. Our plan is to be the go to place for BMW airheads and provide services at competitive prices. 


All the electronics were binned too and replaced with brand new wiring as always by Towza at Towzatronics. 


The paint scheme with this bike was one of the highlights. Customer wanted a rugged bike not a show bike so the paint scheme got that brushed up look on the side with metallic red all around the top. Exhausts also got brushed up finish in satin black with high temperature exhaust paint. 

Photo Credits: Simon Krajnyak, Tom Horna, Ivo Ivanov, Phil James, Wil Collins, Andy Jones, Riccardo Cruciani, Chris Frozin

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