Sinroja R2

We wanted the bike to be simple, dark themed with nice little details and nothing too fancy. The idea was to have a modern touch to an old school design so old bike, big chunky 7 inch headlight and “loaf of bread” seat. The tank got special metallic black and gunmetal paint job, thank to Glenn at GD design. Rather than bolt on subframes we prefer welded subframe to provide rigidity to the frame and genuine pro-built finish. We kept the 3/4 seat like the R1 which gives the bike good proportions but is still a single seater. Frame cleaned up and powder coated along with some other parts like under seat battery box and wheels. 


As with all our bikes, they all get proper Sinroja treatment which means full engine, gearbox, carbs strip down (Scriminger Engine Developments was brought in again, but again we did them in house as Steve now works for us on freelance basis and has closed his operations, so from now on we do all engine, gearbox, carb rebuilds in house and will provide full BMW specialist services for customers and friends in the custom industry. Our plan is to be the go to place for BMW airheads and provide services at competitive prices). 


All the electronics were binned too and replaced with brand new wiring by Towza at Towzatronics with bolt on parts like Tiny billet indicators, bates rear light, old school 7 inch headlight with LED running lights, Acewell speedo and original switch gear painstakingly restored by us. 


To complete the old school look the classic firestones were sourced as it compensates the bike very well. The front end was lowered by 3 inches, the rear shocks were custom made for the bike to fit the low mounted subframe.

Photo Credits: Simon Krajnyak, Tom Horna, Ivo Ivanov, Phil James, Wil Collins, Andy Jones, Riccardo Cruciani, Chris Frozin

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