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Since the birth of the idea of the spark plug in 1860's, we've been using a spark as a lighting source for internal combustion engines. Over the generations, there has been many iterations but the principles remained the same. In our search for higher thermal efficiency the engines developed far more than the source of burn.


Now, we are going to change that with Pulse-Jet! Since past ten years Steve Scriminger, the inventor of Pulse-Jet, has been testing and developing this technology in Lincolnshire, England. Steve's ingenuity resulted in Pulse-Jet after facing some hurdles where cylinder head and exhaust gas temperatures were a issue whilst building aero engines out of BMW boxer engines. After all there aren't any lay-by's at 3000 ft.


The solution was Pulse-Jet, this idea helped bring these temperatures down by gaining a more efficient burn i.e. raising the thermal efficiency of the engine. Pulse-Jet is the revolutionary technology that can be retrofitted on your bike and car that will instantly result in increased performance of roughly 10% whilst maintaining the same fuel efficiency.



So, to summarise here's some of the advantages of using Pulse Jet:


  • Improved efficiency and performance, roughly 10%.


  • Reduced emissions/improved economy.


  • Lower E.G.T.'s, thus reducing exhaust valve seat recession.


  • Easy to retro-fit, simple as changing your spark plugs. (might need to retard the ignition 2/3 degrees if there's pinking)


  • Reduced part throttle surge.


  • Lends itself to further engine tuning due to removal of 'hot spots' from combustion chamber. Race engines can gain up to 20% increase in performance.


  • Overall, a great product to keep your engine running smooth and efficient, increasing the life of the bike. 



We are proud to launch the Pulse-Jet Ignition and would like you to experience the difference it makes first hand. We look forward hearing your feedback.


PLEASE NOTE: VAT Not included in the price, it'll be added during checkout. 


Please be aware that currently Pulse Jet is on available for cars and bikes using 14MM long reach spark plug and engines that rev up to 10,000. Pulse Jet for engines with 12mm spark plugs (like of Triumph Bonneville and Harley Sportsters) will be available soon. 


International customers and trade customers looking to stock/become a fitting centre please contact us directly.

Pulse-Jet Ignition

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